Post-festival workshops: 1 day standing acrobatics & 2 days WÙO TAÏ

acrobatics with Wybren - 1 day intensiv training


Wybren – `the serious skill supervisor´ – Wouda

Wybren is one of the best known teachers in Europe, currently teaching in the Netherlands at Codarts Circus Arts School in Rotterdam. He has been involved in Sports- and Circus Acrobatics alike since he was a child, and has become world-renown for analyzing dynamic skills, his demanding drills and attention to minute detail. He has the ability to break down the most complex tricks and instruct students step-by-step in the pre-exercises that lead up to it.

Has a profound knowledge of duo and trio acrobatics, both static and dynamic as well as icarian, handstand and floor acrobatics.

The rumor goes he sometimes even gives compliments …

DATE : 24 of June 2019

LEVEL: Only intermediate/advanced.


NOT NEED A SPOTTER): Standing H2H - 10 sec - without walking .

Please come with a partner with whom you can do the prerequisites

LOCATION: Same as the festival - Parc d'Enghien, Avenue Elisabeth, 7850 Enghien.

PRICE: 1 ticket, food included = 70€

SCHEDULE: 1 day - 6 hours 10.00-13.00 & 14.30-17.30

You can find the facebook event for the post-festival workshop with WYBREN here.



This year we organize a post-festival workshop: WUO TAÏ,  massage and therapeutic approach with ZO OÉ.

2 days of WÙO TAÏ to calm the body and mind down, after intense training at the festival.

It’s now the moment to create space between every cells of our body, to give and receive softness, and dance with each single part of « us ».


« Wùo » means between, « Wu » means the circle and « Ou » means the pair or the double.

« Taï » means big like the outside, the space that there is around.

So Wùo Taï can be translated like « Between two circles »and/or « Between the Universe »…

This practice is inspired of danse, by the universal movement that lives within us and around us, and osteopathy, by the technique. It’s also the reason why we call this practice « Oste-Dance ».

« She creates and evolves thanks to the soft mix of elliptical movement we create together on the ground, of feeling, of precise manipulation techniques, of letting go and listening. Between yesterday’s gestures and today’s, between Earth and Sky, between us and the other. Wùo Taï brings balance and the magic to receive what we give and give what we receive.

It’s a practice that we create in pairs, in which we learn how to give, receive, listen and listen to ourselves to share an invisible dance and (e)motion... »

For more informations on this practice, all infos are on this website:

LEVEL: All levels

PREREQUISITES: No prerequisites



A travelling acroyogi, who has started her journey in Quebec, Canada, and has continued throughout the world, training and certifying in different fields. She slowly brought the art of healing, in her practice as it made sense that it was part of her. She took intensive trainings to certify in Yoga, Acroyoga, Thaï Yoga Massage and then she quickly discovered Wùo Taï, which has set her second passion going. Acroyoga and Wùo Taï are her two main occupations and since she has discovered them, she travels for and thanks to them. Those two practices which create balance between Yin and Yang in the body and mind, have helped her find a dance between movement and stillness.

DATES: 24 and 25 of June 2019

SCHEDULE: 2 day - 12 hours 10.00-13.00 & 14.30-17.30

LOCATION: Same as the festival - Parc d'Enghien, Avenue Elisabeth, 7850 Enghien.

SPOTS: Limited to 30 persons.


2 days pre-festival workshop, food and camping included = 120€

You can find the facebook event for the post-festival workshop with Zo Oé here.